Shooting sports in California just took a hit

Unfortunately, the California legislature and Governor Brown signed into law several gun control bills today. Many are significant to gun owners, but one specific one that will have a huge impact on the shooting sports in the State is SB … Read More

Mini-Review: Ballistic Tools Swage Gage

Primer pockets are a critical, yet often overlooked area of case preparation by many handloaders. There are numerous gauges / gages and other tools to measure the various aspects of ammunition cartridges from headspace to runout. But only recently did … Read More

Quick Tip: Using A Case Gauge

A case gauge is a very handy tool to have in order to diagnose and troubleshoot possible ammunition related issues with firearms. Case gauges are generally used by reloaders or handloaders (people who make their own ammunition) as a quick test … Read More

M193 on AR500 Steel at 50 Yards

Now that I started to shoot more dynamic rifle / carbine drills at the range, I decided to buy some ‘inexpensive’ steel targets to shoot on at 50 yards. Note: 50 yards is under the generally accepted minimum safe distance … Read More

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