Random POTD – 2014-03-22

I finally picked up some Hornady Critical Duty 135gr 9mm +P to use in the Glocks. For more information on Hornady Critical Duty ammunition, check out this product overview video from 2012:

Lesson of the Day: Bullets and Ammunition are not the same

The term ‘bullet’ is constantly misused in the discussion of firearms, not just amongst the uneducated media but also (disturbingly enough) among avid shooters. Frankly, it annoys me when ‘bullets’ is used to refer to ‘ammunition’ or ‘ammo’. Bullets are … Read More

Montana Gold Bullets

Bought some 9mm 124gr FMJ bullets from Montana Gold Bullet, Inc. since I have yet to try out their product, yet. Very nice ‘golden’ hue on their jackets.

Primer Porn

10,000 Wolf Small Rifle Magnum primers will get any handloader excited. Going to spend some time at the range testing these against CCI BR4 in the 6mmBR Eliseo R5 an in the AR-15 service rifle. Hopefully they shoot well, since … Read More

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