New Rifle Case Setup

I have been using a Voodoo Tactical 42″ rifle soft case for the past couple years to transport my AR, whether the 16″ Midlength or 18″ SPR. I’ve found that the case is a bit too long for when transporting … Read More

Blade-Tech OWB SRB Holster (for Glock 17) Review

After some modifications to my Glock 17, I had to acquire a new holster for it and picked up a Blade-Tech OWB Sting Ray Belt holster. Blade-Tech, also known as Blade-Tech Industries, is a well known holster manufacturer whose holsters … Read More

Pistol Drills with the Glock 17

Here’s a short video clip of me at the West End Gun Club while shooting some pistol drills. Firearm used is a Glock 17 (3rd Generation) and drawn from a Blackhawk Serpa Sportster holster. Magazine holster used is the Blade-Tech … Read More