Photo of the Day: Brett in Malibu

Here’s a shot of Brett Rossi taken in Malibu (California) this past Saturday on the beach (2011-01-22 @ 17:01 PST). Single light setup with a 47″ octabox on an Alien Bees B1600 powered by a Vagabond II. Camera used is … Read More

Canon 5D Mark II Locking Mode Dial Modification

Last week I mentioned on my blog news feed that Canon released a product advisory notice announcing the availability of locking mode dial modification for 5D Mark II and 7D camera bodies. As of December 6 (2010), 5D Mark II … Read More

Canon offers locking Mode Dial modification

I found out via the Scott Bourne (Photofocus) twitter feed that Canon is offering a locking mode dial modification for the Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 7D bodies. Unfortunately, the modification does require the camera body to be sent … Read More