Wiser Precision MagnetoSpeed V3 Mount Review

Last month I published a review of the MasterPiece Arms MagnetoSpeed V3 mount and coincidentally on that very day I stumbled across the Wiser Precision MagnetoSpeed mount through social media. The Wiser Precision mount appeared quite intriguing. So intriguing that … Read More

LabRadar Chronograph Review

I just recently jumped on the latest craze in ammunition handloading / reloading by acquiring the LabRadar chronograph system. Chronograph units are nothing new for shooters that are reloaders – anyone that makes their own ammunition by (typically) reusing their … Read More

Range Vlog #011 – 2016-07-13

Range Vlog #011 is online. Date: 13 July 2016 Location: West End Gun Club Shooting Facility (Upland, CA) Testing out the newly acquired LabRadar chronograph system.

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