After Action Report: Falcon Operations Group Carbine Manipulation 1.0 Course

This past Sunday, August 24 (2014), I attended the Carbine Manipulation 1.0 course taught by the Falcon Operations Group (FOG). I have taken two of their pistol courses in 2013 and after I finally built a ‘modern’ AR-15 carbine-style rifle, … Read More

16″ Mid-Length AR-15 KeyMod Build Report

In early 2013, I got the impulse to add an updated 16″ carbine to my collection, so I ordered a Larue Tactical 16″ Stealth complete upper because I wasn’t in the mood to piece one together from parts. But with the high … Read More

Raven Concealment Systems Phantom LC Holster Review

I have been investing more time, effort, and finances to renew my marksmanship and ‘weapons-craft’ endeavors through the discipline of action or dynamic pistol. Most of the time I conduct live fire practice and exercises in outdoor, open air pistol … Read More