Mini-Review: TAB GEAR Bullet Binder

A couple months ago I picked up a TAB GEAR Bullet Binder, or more precisely, the TAB GEAR Short Action Bullet Binder. The TAB GEAR Bullet Binder is an ammunition management solution that is essentially a flat trifold container that holds rifle cartridges. … Read More

Budget Gun Tip: Cleaning Rod PVC Holder / Case

Several years back, I started carrying and storing my most frequently used cleaning rods in homemade PVC cases. A PVC cleaning rod holder is quick and easy to make, and not too expensive. All you need to do is measure the … Read More

New pocket gear for 2013

Updated my pocket gear with a Coach card holder, magnetic money clip, and bottle opener to start off 2013 right. My 10+ year old card holder was starting to get pretty ragged, anyway.