DIY Jeep Wrangler JK Oil Change

Being the start of the New Year, it is usually a good time for vehicle maintenance. Coincidentally, my Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited Rubicon was due for an oil change right after New Years Day. I figured I could document my … Read More

Cleaning Firearms, Part 2: The How for the AR-15

In the first “Cleaning Firearms” article I posted, I discussed the What and Why of firearms cleaning. In this blog post, I want to cover the How: How do I personally cleaning a firearm? Specifically for this article, I am … Read More

Cleaning Firearms, Part 1: The What and Why

Cleaning firearmsĀ is one of the most controversial topics in the firearms community. The attitude towards cleaning guns is quite polarizing. On one end of the extreme are those that clean their firearms after every range session, while on the other … Read More