Wiser Precision MagnetoSpeed V3 Mount Review

Last month I published a review of the MasterPiece Arms MagnetoSpeed V3 mount and coincidentally on that very day I stumbled across the Wiser Precision MagnetoSpeed mount through social media. The Wiser Precision mount appeared quite intriguing. So intriguing that … Read More

Mini-Review: Spuhr Ideal Scope Mount System (ISMS)

The Spuhr Ideal Scope Mount System, also known as the Spuhr ISMS, has become a┬ácoveted rifle scope mount in the long range rifle discipline. My precision bolt rifle project in 2016 ended up utilizing a Badger Ordnance 20MOA scope base … Read More

Show and Tell: DIY Reloading Press Portable Mount

Several years back, Sinclair International featured a new product in their catalog: a wooden reloading press mount / stand. It was a simple, yet effective looking product that would allow you to mount a reloading press on it, but move … Read More