Cleaning Firearms, Part 4: The How for the Glock

In the previous parts of the Cleaning Firearms series of articles, I discussed how I clean a firearm with regards to the AR-15 rifle. Cleaning a semi-automatic pistol is much like cleaning a rifle, except it takes less time due to … Read More

Buying a gun in California

Friends, colleagues, and other people I meet have often asked me what they need to do in order to purchase a firearm in California. Here’s a little info for all of you first time gun buyers in California. As of … Read More

Recent Pistol Drill Videos

Just an FYI: In the past several weeks, I have been posting an occasional pistol drill video on my Youtube channel. Just some example draw from holster work on a Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II shot timer.

Raven Concealment Systems Phantom LC Holster Review

I have been investing more time, effort, and finances to renew my marksmanship and ‘weapons-craft’ endeavors through the discipline of action or dynamic pistol. Most of the time I conduct live fire practice and exercises in outdoor, open air pistol … Read More

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