Range Vlog #006 – 2016-05-12

Range Vlog #006 is online. Date: 2016-05-12 Location: West End Gun Club (Upland, CA) Note: This was actually published on my YouTube channel on 05/13, but I neglected to mention in on my blog.

Precision Rifle Project: Remington 700

For the past few years, I have kicking around the idea of getting a new precision rifle platform. I already own a Savage 10FP circa 2003 chambered in .308 with the factory barrel and in a McMillan A-5 stock, but I … Read More

Range Vlog #005 – 2016-05-07

Range Vlog #005 is online. Date:  2016-05-07 Location: West End Gun Club (Upland, CA) Spent the morning at the range shooting the first rounds through a new Remington 700 Police and setting up the Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II … Read More

What spotting scope should I buy?

Whenever I make a trip out to the range to shoot rifle(s), someone will invariably ask me about my spotting scope. What brand scope is it? How much does it run? What spotting scopes do you recommend? I have been … Read More

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