Off-Camera Flash Options for Olympus and Micro Four Thirds

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For those that have read some of my previous photography posts in the past several years, you know that I have been a long Canon dSLR user. I still have the Canon EOS 5D Mark III and my existing lights … Read More

Behind the Shot: Chrissy Marie on 2014-05-25 in Lucerne Valley

It has been quite some time since I wrote a “Behind the Shot” post. Frankly, I just haven’t been shooting much at all in the past several months. Anyway, this past Memorial Day weekend I was out with some friends in … Read More

PocketWizard High Speed Sync (HSS) and HyperSync with Alien Bee B1600 – Beta Firmware 6.210

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I noticed the other day that PocketWizard released new beta firmware on the PW Beta Labs website for the PocketWizard MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 for Canon cameras. The beta firmware in question is 6.210 (TT1/TT5 for Canon) and the 6.210 release … Read More

Behind the Shot: Jenna Drouin on 2012-11-17 in Camarillo (Part 2)

This is the second part of the “Behind the Shot” article I posted regarding a location shoot I had on 2012-11-17 (large house in Camarillo). As I outlined in the first part, I had to ditch some earlier shoot concept … Read More

Paul C. Buff Einstein 640 Firmware version 30

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For all of you PCB Einstein 640 (E640) owners out there, were any of you aware of firmware version 30? I know I wasn’t. I just so happened to be on the PCB website pondering getting a third Einstein (and … Read More

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