Spikes Tactical ST-T2 Heavy Buffer

When I assembled my recent 16″ mid-length build, I ended up just using a standard carbine buffer. Weighing 2.9 ounces, there’s nothing inherently wrong with using a standard carbine buffer. After all, it’s the standard for carbine gas systems. But … Read More

16″ Mid-Length AR-15 KeyMod Build Report

In early 2013, I got the impulse to add an updated 16″ carbine to my collection, so I ordered a Larue Tactical 16″ Stealth complete upper because I wasn’t in the mood to piece one together from parts. But with the high … Read More

Pistol training with the Falcon Operations Group

Many of my friends and acquaintances know that I am a fairly accomplished rifle shooter who is self-trained. I never had any formal training or coaching. So all of the techniques and habits (whether good or bad) have all been … Read More

Video: Practicing with the pistol

Just a little video shot at the West End Gun Club shooting range. Took a few minutes to put a hundred rounds through the XD40 Tactical. I hardly ever shoot pistol, so it’s good to ‘refresh’ myself when it comes … Read More