I can has attached photo?

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I received this in my email this morning with your typical .zipped trojan attachment: Hey We have hijacked your baby but you must pay once to us $50 000. The details we will send later… We has attached photo of … Read More

The Website Is Down

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Caught a comedy sketch on Youtube that is apparently just copied content originally from thewebsiteisdown.com. If you are in IT/IS, Systems Administration, or any sort of computing support position, you’ll be very amused by this clip. Go to the website … Read More

Movies to remake

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Andrew shot me a link to a story on how they plan on remaking the original Highlander film. My previous post about the planned Red Dawn and Robocop remakes, combined with the Highlander news got me thinking. If we can’t … Read More

Wendy’s rocks

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I ended up swinging by the Wendy’s near my house during my lunch break and I just saw the coolest thing ever posted on the doors. “No one under 16 can enter without being accompanied by an adult.” (Or something … Read More

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