1. What does ‘ocabj’ mean?

Simple. It’s my last name and first initial. Back in high school I helped a teacher with some computing tasks and he gave me an account on the server with the username ‘ocabj’. I’ve been using ‘ocabj’ for account usernames ever since. I’ve thought about using my first initial and last name, ‘jocab’, but it looked too plain to me and too much like ‘jacob’.

2. Why do you like guns? Are you a nut? Didn’t you know guns are bad?

Society has a pretty wide range of opinions regarding guns. There are the avid shooters who enjoy recreational shooting. There are the sportsmen who hunt. There are people who are completely anti-gun and want all firearms to be banned. There are those who don’t like guns simply because they know very little about firearms. And there are zillion other types of opinions. I like firearms. I like recreational shooting. It’s fun, it’s safe. I love competitive shooting. It’s a great sport. Firearms provide personal protection as well as facilitate a safe and family oriented sports. And yes, I’m a member of the National Rifle Association.

3. Are you a Republican? Are you a conservative?

Yes, I am a registered Republican. I tend to vote Republican when it comes to voting for candidates running for office. As far as being ‘conservative’, I am more moderate. While I am vehemently pro-2nd Amendment and for gun ownership, have strong beliefs in the military and family values, I have a leftist view on homosexual rights and abortion.

If anything, I could be also considered a Libertarian. But I’d rather be ‘registered’ a Republican so I can vote in Republican primaries. The political party climate in the United States doesn’t allow for a viable third party candidate to make a successful run in a major office (specifically the Presidency), so voting in the Republican primaries is important to me.

4. What kind of gun do you use in matches?

Right now, I’m active specifically in High Power Rifle competitions using a Service Rifle. High Power Rifle is typically identified with the “Across the Course” format which involves shooting at 200, 300, and 600 yards. I shoot in the Service Rifle class which includes three types of rifles used by the United States military as the standard issue infantry rifle. Those three are the M1 (Garand), M14, and M16. I specifically use an AR15 variant, which is the civilian version of the M16 (semi-automatic only, not full automatic or ‘select-fire’).