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Precision Rifle Project: Remington 700 Update 04
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I have only made a couple of minuscule changes on my Remington 700 ATAICS rifle since my previous project update, but I wanted to write an update to the project to discuss some relevant data I gathered regarding the rifle after taking it out to... Read More

LabRadar Chronograph Review
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I just recently jumped on the latest craze in ammunition handloading / reloading by acquiring the LabRadar chronograph system. Chronograph units are nothing new for shooters that are reloaders – anyone that makes their own ammunition by (typically) reusing... Read More

Precision Rifle Project: Remington 700 Update 03
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I made one minor, yet significant update to my Precision Rifle Project of 2016: The addition of a Badger Ordnance Tactical Bolt Knob. I ended up buying the Badger Ordnance knob (part number 306-31) from Brownells, but had the knob... Read More

Mini-Review: Ballistic Tools Swage Gage
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Primer pockets are a critical, yet often overlooked area of case preparation by many handloaders. There are numerous gauges / gages and other tools to measure the various aspects of ammunition cartridges from headspace to runout. But only recently... Read More

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