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LabRadar Chronograph Review
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I just recently jumped on the latest craze in ammunition handloading / reloading by acquiring the LabRadar chronograph system. Chronograph units are nothing new for shooters that are reloaders – anyone that makes their own ammunition by (typically) reusing... Read More

Precision Rifle Project: Remington 700 Update 03
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I made one minor, yet significant update to my Precision Rifle Project of 2016: The addition of a Badger Ordnance Tactical Bolt Knob. I ended up buying the Badger Ordnance knob (part number 306-31) from Brownells, but had the knob... Read More

Mini-Review: Ballistic Tools Swage Gage
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Primer pockets are a critical, yet often overlooked area of case preparation by many handloaders. There are numerous gauges / gages and other tools to measure the various aspects of ammunition cartridges from headspace to runout. But only recently... Read More

Precision Rifle Project: Remington 700 Update 02
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The final major phase of my precision rifle project was completed when I acquired the Accuracy International Chassis System (AICS) this past week. This is specifically the ATAICS, as dubbed by Accuracy International. AT stands for Accuracy Tactical (at least... Read More

Quick Tip: Original Bob Sled Accuracy International .308 SLED Fitting Solution

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Traditional competition shooters in NRA/CMP High Power Rifle, Mid-Range, Long Range, benchrest, and other disciplines often single load their firearms during a match (per match rules). In the situation where a firearm uses a detachable magazine, single loading is better … Read More

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