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Leatherman MUT (Military Utility Tool) Review
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Back in SHOT Show 2010, I reported on the (then) new Leatherman MUT, or Military Utility Tool. Designed for military field use to support primary weapon (rifle/carbine) maintenance, the MUT looked to be a handy tool. After nearly four... Read More

18″ SPR / Field Rifle Build Report
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After several years of shooting the AR-15 platform in a strictly High Power Rifle “Across the Course” competitive format, I finally put together a non-competition Service Rifle upper receiver. This article is pretty much a write-up of this build... Read More

ALG Defense Flared Magwell (AFM) Review
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ALG Defense is a fairly young name in the firearms industry offering a few products including AR-15 triggers and rails. But the one item that I took note of when I discovered the company is the ALG Defense Flared... Read More

2014 SHOT Show Recap – Part 3
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This is the third and last part of my 2014 SHOT Show Recap with a few final items and thoughts. Be sure to read through Part 1 and Part 2 if you have yet to do so. I made... Read More

LastPass: Finally moving on to a password management tool

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Like most people, I am guilty of using the same generic password for various low-risk, web services (e.g. web forums). For ‘important’ high value services (e.g. financial sites, online retail), I would use unique passwords, but based on a formula … Read More

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