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2001 Honda Prelude Type-SH Window Sticker

Dug this up while doing end of the year cleaning and reorganizing. This is the original window sticker for my 2001 Honda Prelude Type-SH in Electron Blue Pearl.

$26,540 in 2001 dollars is actually a bit expensive, which is partly why the Honda Prelude was discontinued. But the Honda Prelude is a very underrated car overall. It has a little over 94K miles on it and it will need some more intensive maintenance work soon (e.g. clutch). I am not sure I want to keep throwing money into it, but I can’t see myself selling it either.

For all of you who don’t know or remember the Honda Prelude, this is a very informative video on this car:

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  1. Derrick Lee

    I had a base (non-SH), loved that car. Wish it was faster, but it handled great, even for non-SH. Only thing is the oil burning issues…

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