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2007 Creedmoor Cup: Day 1

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Today was the first day of fire for the Creedmoor Cup matches. It was a 50 round NMC practice match. It was good that I had the opportunity to shoot the practice match because my zeros for Ben Avery are a bit different than Camp Pendleton and West End.

My no wind zero was off by a whole 1 minute of angle, and the elevation zero (center hold) could go down a quarter minute for my 200 yard standing.

200 yard sitting was dead on with my usual elevation zero (10 clicks from bottom).

My 300 and 600 yard prone zeros are lower by 1 full minute.

I didn’t do very well at all at the 600 yard line today. I shot the first 12 rounds using my normal match load of 80gr Sierra Match Kings, 24.0gr Aliant RL15, CCI BR4 primer, and Lapua match brass, and the last 10 rounds using the same recipe, except with the 80gr Berger VLD. The wind was constantly changing speeds and I was chasing the spotter for the first 12 rounds. My windage was moving between 1.5MOA right to as high as 4MOA right. When I tested the Bergers with the last 10 shots, I was able to hold a nice group at 12 o’clock in the 10-ring. I’m not sure if the wind settled down or if the Bergers were able to buck the wind changes better.

Either way, I’m going to use the Bergers tomorrow. I’ve got the elevation zero for it. Let’s just hope I can hold windage to keep it in the 10-ring.

I posted all the pictures I took today in the gallery. I’ll probably cull out (delete) the less than stellar photos from the web gallery when I get back to Riverside.

Here’s a photo of relay 3 in their 3 minute preparatory period for 600 yard slow fire:

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