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2007 Creedmoor Cup: Day 2

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I totally screwed the pooch today. I started out poorly at the 200 yard line shooting an 89-1x in standing. I recovered from that with a respectable 98-3x in sitting. But then at the 300 yard line, I shot a low and left group for a score of 89-0x. I tried to salvage what I could at 600 yards, but was only able to shoot a 191-6x. This resulted in a mediocre total of 467-10x in the Creedmoor Cup EIC match, putting me 9th out of 74 total non-Distinguished shooters.

The 300 yard line really killed me today. I don’t know why my group was so low. It was around 7 o’clock in the 9 ring. I put on half a minute of right windage, but I guess that wasn’t enough (1 or 1.5 MOA would have been better). But the fact that my elevation was so low has me concerned. Yesterday I used 16 clicks from bottom for an excellent group in the 10 and X-rings. Today it wasn’t high enough. Light conditions were the same. All I can think of is that I had poor head position on the rear sight. I’ll start the 300 yard line tomorrow with 16 clicks from bottom again and we’ll see how it goes (2 sighters in tomorrow’s match – 80 round NRA Regional course of fire).

I did use the 80gr Berger VLDs today at 600 and they performed well. There was a high 8 at 12 o’clock and a low 8 at 6 o’clock for my 19th and 20th shots, respectively. But the rest of my shots were pretty much at 10 ring elevation and only missed the 10-ring due to windage. I dialed in 6 clicks (1.5 MOA) right, but it was still in the 8-ring, so I dialed in another 6 clicks right and went to town. I was able to read the mirage very well after an errant wide right 8-ring due to wind let off. I was able to get an excellent feel for the wind and mirage correlation and hold appropriately without having to make the actual adjustments on the rear sight.

Although I ended up finishing out of the standings for a LEG award (CMP Results: Overall, non-Distinguished only), I had the honor of shooting along side Sergeant Brandon Green of the US Army Marksmanship Unit. He shot relay 1 while I shot relay 2 on the same firing point. He’s an excellent shooter with the record to prove it and also a very friendly person. I got some excellent insights and information from him during the match and while in the pits

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