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2007 Creedmoor Cup: Day 3

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The third and final day of individual shooting was the 80 round Creedmoor Cup match. After my less than stellar performance yesterday, I was a bit demotivated. I grinded it out and posted scores of 188-4x (200 yard standing), 198-8x (200 yard sitting), 192-2x (300 yard prone), and 194-4x (600 yard prone) for a total of 772-18x.

I shot another mediocre standing (94%) and I tanked the 300 yard prone again. For some reason, my 300 yard rapid scores at Ben Avery are very inconsistent. I shot two sighters for 10s and then the first string of rapid 300 ended up being low and left, just like yesterday.

I was content with my 600 yard prone performance today. I shot four 9’s and one 8. I really need to start shooting for X-count, though. Yes, you are supposed to shoot for points first, then X’s second. But even though I post fairly respectable scores at 600, I never really post a decent X-count. I’d like to be able to shoot a 195 or better with at least 8-X’s at 600. Ultimately, my real goal should be to clean it every time and just let the X’s come naturally.

I’m really tired right now since I just got back to Riverside an hour and a half ago. During the drive back, I had time to contemplate the performance at this year’s Creedmor Cup. My performance was mediocre, in my opinion, and I really failed myself during the EIC (failing to get any LEG points). During the next several weeks, I think I’m going to work on my standing position and possibly alter my support hand style. I currently use the fist/knuckle support hand style. But after listening to Sergeant Green of the USAMU discuss the keys of standing, I’m going to figure out a better support hand style that will allow for a more ‘relaxed’ standing position.

I’m also going to try and figure out my 300 yard rapid prone issues. I don’t know what happened at Ben Avery these past few days, but I need to get back my confidence in my rapid prone. I’ve cleaned rapid prone several times and can shoot 98% with ease. There’s no excuse for my below average rapid prone scores at Ben Avery.

Even though I didn’t come out with much confidence in my shooting, it was still an enjoyable experience simply because I was out shooting. I still enjoy this sport and the people I know who shoot High Power and the new people I meet.

The Creedmoor Cup was run even better than last year. We actually finished up today’s 80 round course of fire at roughly 1545, compared to last year when it ended right around 1645 when the sun was almost down (Camp Pendleton). Excellent job by the CMP, Creedmoor Cup, and the Arizona volunteers in putting on a great event.

Congratulations to my friend Mike Huffaker whose name was the first picked in the door prize raffle. He walked away with a free Northern Competition complete space gun upper. Northern Competition doesn’t have this item on their website, but it has to be at least $870, since that’s what they’re charging for their Service Rifle upper.

I’ll have pictures from Days 2 and 3 posted sometime tomorrow.

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