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2008 CA State Service Rifle Championship

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I was away for the past few days for the 2008 California State Service Rifle Championship in Coalinga (CA).

While I came out a bit disappointed in my shooting, I had a good time meeting up with all the High Power shooters I’ve met and know, and meeting new shooters for the first time. I didn’t shoot terribly bad. I did post some respectable scores. But ‘respectable’ doesn’t necessarily win, and it certainly didn’t win me anything this weekend.

I’ve got about 400 pictures (shutter actuations), but you can cut the actual unique photos in half or even two-thirds since I had the camera set for continuous shooting mode (“full-auto” fire for all you firearms enthusiasts). I’ll try to get some uploaded to the ocabj.net gallery in the next few days.

I do have a couple preliminary photos posted on the jocabphoto.com portfolio/gallery. That’s all I had time to post-process and upload after I got home this evening. I’d post more, but I need to hit the sack. Work tomorrow.

Quick side note: If you ever have to spend the night in Coalinga, definitely stay at the Harris Ranch Inn. The Harris Ranch is actually a cattle ranch and farm, but they also expanded to include a restaurant, shops, and a hotel. The hotel is very nice with great landscaping. It’s ‘unfortunate’ I was shooting the entire time and couldn’t take advantage of the hotel amenities. The hotel is near a cattle range, so you may have to deal with the smell of manure outdoors in the evening. Aside from that, the Harris Ranch Inn is probably the only hotel that you will want to stay at while passing through Coalinga.

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