Irritations of online shopping

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I love shopping online. It has to be the most convenient and thriftiest way to shop. Lots of deals to be had without having to drive around from store to store. With all the conveniences and savings of online shopping, … Read More

More OS 10.5 Goodness

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Spaces takes some getting used to, especially with two physical displays. But it can be very versatile when running some full screen applications like RDC and Parallels. Now if Apple would hurry up and fix X11. Some people have uninstalled … Read More

Microsoft releases RDC 2.0 Beta 2

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Microsoft has a new beta of RDC 2.0 for Mac OS X available for download. The worthwhile feature they ‘fixed’ is the ability to run more than one RDC instance at a time. Microsoft advertised this as a feature in … Read More

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