Anker PowerLine+ Braided Cables

If you have a smart phone and other electronic items with built-in rechargeable batteries, odds are you use many Lightning and Micro USB cables. But invariably, these cables tend to physically wear out, particularly when they fray hear the jack … Read More

Enabling HTTPS for

Depending on what browser you use, some of you may have noticed that is now displaying a green padlock next to the URL in the URL bar. This is because is now being served out over SSL (HTTPS). … Read More

WordPress 4.4 + Jetpack 3.8.1 YouTube Shortcode Change

I just noticed this evening that embedded YouTube videos in my posts on were not showing up, and simply showed up on the page as text: [youtube=] This is how it is actually typed into the visual editor for … Read More

Mini-Review: byrd & belle Macbook Air Sleeve

Whenever you acquire a new laptop, there’s always the need or desire to acquire a new case or bag for it. I recently acquired a refurbished Apple 11.6″ MacBook Air (2.2/3.2GHz dual core i7, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD) direct from … Read More

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