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Anker PowerLine+ Braided Cables

If you have a smart phone and other electronic items with built-in rechargeable batteries, odds are you use many Lightning and Micro USB cables. But invariably, these cables tend to physically wear out, particularly when they fray hear the jack and expose the inner wiring.

After I frayed my first two Lightning cables a couple years back, I looked alternatives and discovered the Anker braided cables.

These are essentially the same Lightning cables as Apple branded cables, except they have a nylon braided exterior to mitigate fraying of the outer cable.

The great thing is that the Anker PowerLine+ braided Lightning cable is the same price if not cheaper than an authentic Apple Lightning cable. Even if the Anker costs a little more than the Apple cable, it is worth getting the Anker simply for the longevity.

As far as Anker quality vs Apple OEM cables, do not concern yourself with this. While I prefer buying OEM when it comes to charging accessories, Anker has a solid reputation for creating quality products, and their nylon braided cables are no exception.

So every time I wear out one of Apple Lightning cables (down to my last Apple OEM cables), I replace it with an Anker.

I am also now using Anker PowerLine+ braided Micro USB cables due to my increased usage of consumer electronics that either charge via USB or accept power from a USB power source.

If you ever find yourself needing to purchase a new Lightning or Micro USB cable for your devices, definitely opt for an Anker nylon braided cable. You will be pleasantly satisfied with these cables.

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