Wear eye protection

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I wear eye protection when I shoot. Yet when I play racquetball, I shrug it off because I usually keep my racquet in front of my face when I look back to the ball. Well, earlier this evening I turned … Read More

Wendy’s rocks

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I ended up swinging by the Wendy’s near my house during my lunch break and I just saw the coolest thing ever posted on the doors. “No one under 16 can enter without being accompanied by an adult.” (Or something … Read More

Kids and the Internet don’t mix

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ABC News, like all other media outlets, is reporting the obvious yet again in an article regarding college students posting pictures of their drunken adventures on Facebook and other social networking sites. As if people weren’t aware of how stupid … Read More

Today sucks.

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When I was in the garage about to leave the house for work this morning, the top button on my sportcoat came off so I had to sew it back on. It started to lightly rain when I got to … Read More

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