Sawtooth Rifles Dependabilt MDT HNT26 Arca Rail With RRS-Lock

If you followed my Range VLOGs or read my lightweight precision rifle build write-up, you are aware that I discovered the Arca dovetail on the MDT HNT26 chassis is not within the Really Right Stuff (RRS) 1.5″ dovetail specification. RRS … Read More

Precision Rifle Project Series: Defiance Machine anTI Lightweight Rifle Build

I have several bolt action rifles, rimfire and centerfire, and all of my modern centerfire bolt rifles are 15 lbs or heavier. I do not have a lightweight rifle that would suitable for field use such as hunting. While I … Read More

DI Precision Vudoo Gun Works Three 60 Rifle Overview

Ever since I acquired a Vudoo Gun Works V-22 in 2019, I have spent countless range sessions shooting .22LR rimfire and became a match director for the NRL22 matches at my local range facility. In 2021, Vudoo Gun Works released … Read More

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