R5 teaser photos

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Here are some initial photos of my R5, as received from Gary Eliseo (barrel work done by Doan Trevor). The white balance looks like crap, yes. But I plan on taking final photos of the rifle after I install the … Read More

Project YANO full of crap

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Apparently, there’s a group called the Project for Youth and Non-Military Opportunities (YANO) that has a web page protesting Junior ROTC  programs in High Schools specifically because they teach the (safe and proper) use of firearms.  Project YANO’s view is … Read More

Front Sight for my R5 project rifle

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I received my ‘Rightsight’ front sight for my R5 project rifle yesterday evening. I had initially planned on ordering the Tubb 2000 Front Sight manufactured and sold by David Tubb’s Superior Shooting Systems, but after much research on the National … Read More

CG Jackson trigger and R5 status

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I received my CG Jackson 2-stage trigger from Sinclair yesterday afternoon. This trigger is designed by Robert Chombart, and has attained an excellent reputation Internationally for the past few years. The only reason why we haven’t seen it here Stateside … Read More

Things to do on a rainy evening

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Just because it’s night and raining outside, it doesn’t mean you can’t work on shooting. Handloading ammo certainly counts towards improving one’s marksmanship.

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