Another LEG down, one more to go

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If you follow my Twitter profile, you already know I won another LEG yesterday in Phoenix during the 2008 Creedmoor Cup EIC (Excellence in Competition) match. I was able to recover from a very poor standing score due to rattled … Read More

New reloading gear

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If you follow my Twitter updates, you know I finally acquired a Harrell’s Precision Premium Powder Measure via Sinclair International. I’ve been hand scooping and weighing my powder charges for each round using Lee scoopers and a Pact Digital Precision … Read More

Performance enhancing drugs for shooting?

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An Olympic shooter was reportedly banned by the IOC due to failing drug testing, and subsequently stripped of a Silver medal. Apparently, the shooter in question tested positive for propanolol, which apparently prevents trembling. What I never realized up until I … Read More

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