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AGS Precision .22LR Pelican Insert Review

In the past several months, more elaborate methods of carrying .22LR ammunition have surfaced due to the growing popularity of precision rimfire competitions. Most notable is the Grey Ops 22 Long Rifle Pelican case and most recent is the Vudoo Gun Works ammunition case.

Some .22LR shooters have discovered through word of mouth that the Pelican 1020 Micro case is known to fit three (3) 50-round boxes of SK and Lapua ammunition. Lapua/SK 50-round boxes drop into a Pelican 1020 perfectly without any issues and is a relatively secure and weather-resistant method to carry some .22LR ammunition.

I have acquired several Pelican 1020 Micro cases for various uses and have also dedicated some for carrying .22LR ammunition even though I tend to just put my .22LR ammunition in larger USGI ammo cans (500ct bricks fit perfectly in USGI 30cal ammo cans).

One day on social media, I caught a post by AGS Precision linking to a YouTube video showing off an insert for the Pelican 1020.

After watching the video, I was intrigued by how it fits perfectly in a Pelican 1020 and holds the 50-count factory ammo box trays from Lapua or SK boxes (and Eley with a different style insert), and how it floats the ammo in the insert so the bullets do not touch the insert/case.

I decided to order a couple of the Lapua/SK inserts to try out. Eley .22LR ammunition comes in a different style box, which needs a different insert design to properly hold (and float) the rounds in the tray. I only ordered two inserts for Lapua/SK since I currently do not shoot Eley. Note that currently there is no storefront for AGS Precision other than eBay sales.

The insert is a polymer tray with ridges on the bottom to align with ammo trays from Lapua or SK boxes.

The insert is a slip fit into the existing rubber tray of the Pelican 1020 Micro case.

Then you simply remove the ammo in the trays from three (3) 50-round boxes of Lapua or SK ammo to place them into the insert.

The ridges in the tray appear to properly maintain that floating space so the bullets do not impact the bottom of the tray/case.

The inserts come with a top cover which provide a spacer between the rims/primers of the ammunition and the lid of the Pelican 1020 case. This keeps the ammunition snug and keeps the cartridges from shifting or moving while in the insert and trays.

I like what I see so far with the AGS Precision .22LR insert for the Pelican 1020. If I have any criticisms at this point, it is that there is no room for desiccant packets (at least none that I have will fit).

One other minor details is that since you remove the ammo from the original factory box, you will ‘lose’ the lot data information which is printed on the box. You should tear box flap with the lot number and keep it in the case or just write it down on a card or note to keep in the case.

The AGS Precision .22LR Insert is a little pricey at $20 USD (comes with the insert and the top plate with foam). AGS Precision sells a complete Pelican 1020 Micro Case with the AGS Precision insert for $46 USD. For cost savings, I suggest just buying the insert from AGS Precision and getting the Pelican 1020 elsewhere (Amazon has the Pelican 1020 in various colors for $15 give or take a few bucks).

I feel like the AGS Precision is a novel accessory for those looking for a more secure way to carry some higher grade .22LR ammunition, especially for a match where you don’t need to bring more than a few boxes of ammunition (as opposed to a 500-round brick or multiple bricks).

Search eBay for “AGS Precision” or check out the YouTube video earlier in this article to find out more on how to acquire the AGS Precision .22LR Pelican 1020 insert.

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