America is finally re-embracing the gun

Even if you have no interest in firearms, socially or politically, you have most likely seen on television or read reports in written media regarding the huge spike in firearms sales. Time recently ran an article profiling this and 60 … Read More

Brass ‘Porn’

A box was delivered today with ‘Lapua’ on it. Hmmmmm… I wonder what this could be? It’s the seven (7) 100ct boxes of that 6mmBR brass I ordered from Bruno Shooters Supply almost two months ago. Very nice.

Phoenix Precision Rear Sight

I finally received the rear sight for my R5. I ordered the Phoenix Precision top mount rear sight by way of Creedmoor Sports. I opted for “Service Rifle” style knobs, which means the elevation knob on the top adjusts clockwise … Read More

R5 at the range

I was able to go to the Inland Fish and Game shooting facility this weekend to fire off thirty rounds through the R5. I was even able to wait it out on Sunday and find a pulse in the rain … Read More

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