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Goodbye Charter

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I received my Charter Communications bill last week and just opened it last Monday only to find my bill went up another $4 for absolutely reason. I was paying $49/mo for the first 12 months. Then it went up to about $65/mo afterwards. Then the year after it went up again to around $72/mo. It finally got up to $87/mo this past week and I’m only getting digital cable service plus HBO and Cinemax.

Fed up with the constant price increases, I ended up ordering DirectTV yesterday and it was installed this morning. So as I type this, I am sitting in front of the TV with my laptop while watching “Sighting in with Shooting USA” on The Outdoor Channel (a channel I didn’t have on Charter digital cable) while at the same recording this program on my DirectTV DVR (the DVR service which I did not have with Charter digital cable), and paying only $39.99/mo for the first 12 months with free HBO+Cinemax+Showtime for the first three months. I’m only going to keep HBO afterwards, which is going to put my monthly to around $55 and is $30 cheaper than Charter with DVR and sightly more channels that I actually care about.

Sorry Charter. Had you not kept increasing my monthly bill while not giving me any more benefits such as DVR capability (and just recently, changing the station to channel number assignments without informing me in advance) I wouldn’t have switched.

Yes, I understand that my monthly with DirectTV will increase in the 13th month, but at least the cost will still be less than what I’m paying now for Charter while having the added benefit of DVR.

So if anyone working for Charter is reading this, expect a call from me tomorrow morning to cancel my Charter digital cable service.

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