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iPhone related hilarity

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Some lady in Dallas (TX) thought came up with what she thought was an ingenious plan. She went to the AT&T store in Dallas with $100k in cash with the intention of buying around $100k in iPhones to sell on eBay. She paid the young man who was first in line $800 for his spot.

When the store opened and she tried to buy multiple phones, she was told there was a one iPhone limit. Result: She ended up paying $800 + $500 (or $600) for a single phone assuming she bought it.

As for the young man who sold her his spot in line for $800? Another party in line with 3 people only wanted to buy 2 phones, thus, he was able to get them to buy a phone for him. Result: He got a free iPhone + $200 in cash.

Lesson: Money and stupidity don’t mix.

Fox News in Dallas has actual video of this debacle for your entertainment pleasure.

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