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“One Nation, Under Gun”

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MSNBC has an interesting narrated photo slide show (requires Flash) with short audio quotes from several interviewed firearms owners in the United States.

I thought that articles and coverage promoting safe and responsible firearms ownership need to be more prevalent, especially in the upcoming election year. Many people have no doubt seen the CNN/Youtube debate segment where a man in Michigan asked the candidates if his “baby was safe,” ‘baby’ being an AR-15 rifle . While the question was legitimate, the tone and manner in which the question was posed did make the asker appear like what many would call a ‘gun nut’. Even Senator Biden of Delaware ridiculed the man saying that he doesn’t think the man is “mentally qualified to own that gun.” It’s hard for responsible law abiding gun owners to defend their rights. I’m sure that the man in the video is a nice enough guy and did think he was coming off as a crazed ‘gun nut’, but that’s how quite a few people are perceived by the public when they see them in videos or pictures in the media. It’s not fair that society places stereotypes on gun ownership, labeling gun owners as uncivilized, unstable, and crazed yahoos.

So it is a breath of fresh air when even a liberal biased news source such as NBC can publish a story depicting gun owners in a good light.

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