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One reason why I hate “The I.E.”

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I met some friends at the Shogun Restaurant over in Corona the other night for dinner. The second I walked into the door, I was blown away by the amount of ‘F-sticks’ (see first definition in this permalink) in the establishment.

Not the proprietors mind you, but the patrons. There was a high representation of Fox Racing, Skin Industries, Tap Out, flat billed caps, and various Inland Empire-esque douchebag styling going on, not to mention a large number of lifted pick-ups in the parking lot.

When is this trend going to end? It seems like the Inland Empire is doomed for eternity with people sporting the clothing with Old English fonts, barbed/razor wire arm tattoos, flat billed caps, and the ‘hardcore’ sports sub-culture represented by the various brands (including the aforementioned).

If you are over 25 and/or are married and/or have children, you need to stop dressing like this:

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