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Random POTD – 2021-04-07

This Photo of the Day was taken on the Berdoo Canyon trail going North into Joshua Tree National Park on 27 April 2021.

Berdoo Canyon Trail, approximately 5.6 miles from the Southern Trailhead at 33.812488, -116.171470.

Berdoo Canyon is considered a moderate trail on Trails Offroad. There are a couple spots where most stock trucks and Jeeps will scrape and where there is no bypass. I didn’t scrape with 35″ (315/70R17) tires and a 2.5″ lift on the JK Unlimited and I even did an optional ‘waterfall’ without any hits.

I came across four vehicles on this trail on a Wednesday morning. Three were running it in the opposite direction as me, North to South existing Joshua Tree National Park. The other one was going in the same direction as me, South to North, and went by me while I was airing down my tires.

Anyway, Berdoo Canyon is an interesting trail for anyone with a capable rig. It takes a good hour and a half (1:30) to get through Berdoo Canyon trail and make it to the connector to Geology Road inside Joshua Tree National Park, and another 45 minutes to get through Geology Road and exit the park to the North.

Note: You will need a pass to go through Joshua Tree National Park. When you enter/exit the park through Berdoo Canyon, there is no ranger station. It is an unmaintained road. When you exit at one of the staffed entrances/exits, you will have to show a pass or receipt. I have a National Park Service annual pass for all national parks which I showed. I assume that if you exit without a (day) pass because you entered through Berdoo Canyon that they’ll charge you on exit.

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