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Range Vlog #162 – 2022-01-22

  • Date: 22 January 2022
  • Range: West End Gun Club (Meyers Canyon, CA)

On Saturday January 22, we held the January 2022 NRL22 Match which was dubbed the NRL22 2021-2022 Mid-Season Tournament. This match included the five (5) stages of the NRL22 January 2022 Course of Fire plus five (5) additional custom / club stages.

Notably, we used Option 2 of the NRL22 course of fire, which used targets placed between 70 and 200 yards, and the five (5) custom / club stages had targets between 100 and 200 yards, plus 287 yards.

Anyone interested in the additional five (5) custom / club stages can read the WEGC NRL22 2021-2022 Mid-Season Tournament program in PDF here.

Furthermore, the weather conditions for the day of the match were extremely high winds. The general region where the WEGC range is located had extreme high wind warnings estimating 75mph+ in certain areas. We held the match anyway knowing that the wind estimates would more likely be in the 20mph range. While this is still strong, we wanted to hold the match anyway given the time and effort to get this match scheduled and setup.

19 total shooters were at this match for a very solid turnout.

The next NRL22 match at WEGC will be on Sunday 02/27.

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