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Range Vlog #203 – 2022-12-28

  • Date: 28 December 2022
  • Range: West End Gun Club (Meyers Canyon, CA)

I went to the range on a wet morning after a small storm to practice the stages of the January 2023 NRL22 Course of Fire. This is not a course of fire walk-through like I normally do because this COF is actually a duplicate of the April 2021 NRL22 COF. Since I already recorded a walk-through for the April 2021 NRL22 COF, there is no reason to re-record a discussion of the stages.

If you want a discussion of ideas for how to shoot the January 2023 NRL22 COF stages, definitely check out that April 2021 NRL22 COF walk-through at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZrzJkUsy_w

Otherwise, you can check out my practice runs of the January 2023 / April 2021 NRL22 stages using my 10/22 and the newly acquired Tikka T1x rifle to be used for our club loaner rifle.

The next NRL22 match at WEGC will be on Sunday January 22 (2023).

https://socalnrl22.org – Site with information and FAQ about the NRL22 matches held at the West End Gun Club range facility.

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