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Range Vlog #269 – 2024-06-26

  • Date: 26 June 2024
  • Range: West End Gun Club (Meyers Canyon, CA)

I took my DI Precision Vudoo Three 60 to Mesa (Arizona) for some ammo testing in the Lapua Rimfire Performance Center lab and received the ammo the day prior. Thus, I decided to run the Vudoo Three 60 with the new case of Lapua Midas+ ammo for the July 2024 NRL22 Course of Fire Run-Through.

The July 2024 COF is quite easy except for one stage, and we should see some good scores at this match.

Be sure to download the NRL22 July 2024 Course of Fire from the NRL22 website to follow along: https://nrl22.com/downloads/

The next NRL22 match at WEGC is scheduled for Sunday 07/28 (2024).

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