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Sensationalism at it’s finest

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Some homeschooled kid in Ohio was arrested because the kid tried to recruit a friend to possibly go attack a public school in the area.

The police ended up raiding this kid’s home and they confiscated a bunch of ‘Airsoft’ pellet guns, some knives, a few homemade handgrenades, and one legally purchased (by the boy’s mother) 9mm rifle (probably a carbine style assault rifle).

Anyway, MSNBC aired the story (MSNBC video) and kept iterating that there was a huge “weapons cache” found in the boy’s home. But the local affiliate reporter on site was trying to clarify that the ‘weaponry’ was in fact all bb/pellet guns except for one actual firearm (the 9mm rifle) and that the boy had no ammunition for the 9mm rifle. Yet the MSNBC studio anchor kept trying to impress upon the viewers that the child in question had a huge “weapons cache” to do lots of damage and kill people.

It’s both amusing and irritating how some in the news media try to sensationalize events beyond what they really are just to scare people or politicize a certain issue. I appreciate the local reporter’s honesty and insight regarding the situation and clarifying the entire story.

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