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Show and Tell: Chris Reeve Knives Small Sebenza 21 With Carbon Fiber Inlays

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I have officially been on a knife purchasing spree. I bought the Chris Reeve Knives Sebenza 25 with carbon fiber inlays from BladeHQ several weeks back. Then I bought a small Sebenza 21 with box elder burl inlays from KnivesShipFree.

But the desire to have another carbon fiber inlay Sebenza that is more knife law friendly (translation: shorter blade) caused me to purchase the CRK small Sebenza 21 with carbon fiber inlays from BladeHQ.


For those that don’t know, the Sebenza with carbon fiber inlays is actually a BladeHQ exclusive, so if you want one (new), you have to get it from BladeHQ.

The current price for the CRK small Sebenza 21 with carbon fiber inlays is $450 USD through BladeHQ.

Anyway, I really like a larger knife, simply because it feels better in the hand when working with it. But as far as the Sebenza 25 is concerned, it is noticeable in the pocket when it comes to everyday carry. I used to EDC the Benchmade 470 Emissary, which is a far lighter knife.

While the weight of the Sebenza 25 does not bother me, I am definitely aware of the knife when it is on my person (especially with dress pants).

So while getting the small Sebenza 21 can address the weight issue in certain situations, as I mentioned earlier, my primary goal was to have a knife for more universal carry. Many of the knife laws that place any sort of restrictions on folding knives typically define blade length limitations.


Where I live in Southern California, there is actually no specific limitation on blade length for a folding knife. But in Los Angeles County, you are not allowed to openly carry a folding knife with a blade length of three (3) inches or more. Interestingly enough, you can actually conceal carry a 3″ blade or larger folding knife in Los Angeles County. Although, what this results in when a person drives in and out of LA County is a possible felony arrest if that person happens to have a 3″+ folding knife clipped to the pants pocket whereby the knife clip is visible. People have to be aware of this and need to unclip and fully pocket the knife, but remembering to do so can be problematic.


Then there is Las Vegas which actually has the opposite law of LA County. You cannot conceal carry a 3″+ bladed folding knife in Las Vegas, but it can be carried visibly. Obviously, this can be problematic for anyone with a larger folding knife, and if they accidentally ‘hide’ the clipped knife because of a large/long jacket or if they place it fully in a pocket.

So carrying a knife with a blade under three inches can be a bit more knife law friendly.


Now why don’t I just use the small Sebenza 21 with box elder burl inlays instead of getting a new knife? It’s just too pretty to carry everyday.


But seriously, the box elder burl inlayed Sebenza really does look nice and is more of a dress knife, if there ever was one.

Anyway, that’s my last knife for awhile.


I have some other projects I am going to be working on, and will be blogging about in the near future.

Hint: Precision Rifle.

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  1. […] I have not acquired a new knife for myself in quite some time. The last blade I purchased was actually a Chris Reeve small Sebenza 21 Carbon Fiber (Knife Art Exclusive) for my father as a Christmas give a couple years back. For myself, the last knife I purchased was a Chris Reeve small Sebenza 21 with Carbon Fiber inlay (BladeHQ exclusive). […]

  2. Jeff

    How much for the large Sabenza 21 C.F inlays ? Can’t find it anywhere and absolutely love this knife. Has to be my favorite knife of all time. At the time I couldn’t afford it, but i need that apart of my collection or it’s incomplete. If you know where else to find one, please let me know. Thanks so much! Happy holidays man!

  3. Jonathan Ocab

    It was a BladeHQ exclusive. Chris Reeve Knives made it only for BladeHQ. However, it is now discontinued as I don’t think Chris Reeve Knives makes the 21 anymore (fulfilled all dealer backorders). You’ll only be able to find it through private sales.

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