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Show and Tell: Cool Material x Bradley Mountain Waxed Canvas Knife Roll

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I was looking for an interesting roll-style case for folding knives, much like waxed canvas watch rolls (e.g. Hodinkee watch rolls) and came across a collaboration between Cool Material and Bradley Mountain.


I had already heard of Bradley Mountain (BM) because of their handcrafted bags out of San Diego, CA. When I was searching the web for canvas or leather knife rolls, most everything was for fixed knives or kitchen cutlery. I noticed BM had some tool rolls on their site, but no folding knife roll. Then I came across a gear article on the Cool Material (CM) website discussing a BM knife roll, and apparently is exclusively sold through CM.

It looked pretty interesting so I ordered one.


This isn’t so much a review, which is why I’m using “Show and Tell” to categorize this post. I buy a lot of interesting knick-knacks and I wanted to share those acquisitions with others, without writing a review.

Anyway, it is a black waxed canvas roll with seven pockets. Three pockets are 2″ wide and four pockets are 1.75″ wide. There’s also an additional 8th pocket, but for some reason, it isn’t the same depth as the other pockets. I’m not entirely sure why they stitched it so the depth is different. You can’t really fit a pen, because it will be too long when the flap is folded down.

Left to right: SureFire Titan Plus LED flashlight, Fix It Sticks multitool pair with bits on each end, Benchmade 910 Stryker, Benchmade 470 Emissary, Chris Reeve Knives Sebenza 25 with carbon fiber inlay, Benchmade / Heckler & Koch 14210 Snody Mini Axis, Chris Reeve Knives small Sebenza 21 with box elder burl inlays

There is a long leather strap sewn into the end of the roll to function as the wrap tie down.


The CM x BM Waxed Canvas Folding Knife Roll is a pretty cool (although, arguably hipster) way to store and carry some folding knives and small tools.


You can still currently acquire one through Cool Material for $48 USD.

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