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SIG SAUER Support Comes Through

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I acquired a SIG KILO8K-ABS laser rangefinder back in the Summer of 2022. While it appeared to be a good full-featured LRF, I did have inconsistencies out of the box. It had issues ranging objects in varying conditions, especially in bright sunlight. Compared to my KILO2000 (which I eventually sold), the KILO2000 was a more consistent performer.

I sent the KILO8K-ABS to SIG under an RMA and it was returned with a note indicating no issues were found.

After I acquired my KILO6K-HD, the inconsistent performance of the KILO8K-ABS was more apparent because the KILO6K-HD had no issues ranging any object.

Fast-forward to a week ago and out of nowhere, the KILO8K-ABS would simply not return any range value whenever the button was pressed. Maybe 1 out of 20 or 25 attempts would yield a result.

So I reached out to SIG support again and got another RMA and sent in the KILO8K. A week later I received an email with a FEDEX tracking number from SSI (SIG SAUER Inc.) so I assumed they fixed it. When I opened the box I found they sent me a brand new, factory sealed KILO8K unit.

Kudos to SIG SAUER for ultimately acknowledging the issue with my KILO8K and resolving my bad LRF.

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