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Something other than a phone to tell time

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I stopped wearing a watch sometime during middle school. I carried a pager in high school and a cell phone ever since college, so I’ve always had something other than a watch to tell time.

I’ve been meaning to get a watch or two for accessorizing my wardrobe, but never committed to anything. I finally just bit the bullet after casually shopping around for the past several months and bought a Hamilton JazzMaster Slim Petite Seconde from Amazon.

It is an automatic so I don’t have to worry about a battery.

It has a black dial with black leather strap so it should match up well with most of my business and evening wear. The design is very simple and low key, which is what I wanted my first watch in nearly 20 years.

We’ll see how it holds up. From my research, I have read that Hamilton watches have a solid reputation.

I took a few minutes this evening to do some artistic low key product shots during the unboxing.

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  1. Mikenopolis

    Beautiful watch! If you ever decide move up in price range you should look at the MontBlanc s. I have the TimeWalker Chrono and love it!

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