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Why can’t people do the simplest research?

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I frequent a few forums regularly and it always annoys me how people will post questions about issues where they could simply go to another website to get the exact information needed.

For instance, someone posted a question about specific product in a forum I frequent. I don’t own the same product as this person, but I went to the manufacturer’s website for that specific product and found the answer on the manufacturer’s support webpage. Why couldn’t this person do the same?

Web boards are great places to talk about specific topics with other people with the same interests. Obviously, asking questions on such boards offers a great opportunity to get insight on certain issues. But when you have people asking questions about a specific issue which could easily be answered if they bothered to go check the actual manufacturer or organization’s website, you begin to wonder where the common sense and logic has gone in society.

It’s amazing how people need to be spoon fed everything. The Internet is the easiest way to find information. You shouldn’t have to go online and post a question in a forum to get an answer to an issue, especially if it’s about a specific product, whether it be a car, computer, DVD player, or camera. The information is easily available on the manufacturer’s website. In the rare case it’s not, Google or any other decent search engine will be able to yield information, most likely on a web forum, where some other person asked the same exact question as you are asking.

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