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2007 Creedmoor Cup: Day 0

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I made it to Phoenix and checked into the hotel just a few minutes ago.  The hotel is decent. It’s not a extravagant hotel, but it’s very clean and modern. It’s not a ratty motel with furniture and decor from the 1980s.

I brought my XD40 Tactical (yes, a full size; I don’t own any compacts or sub-compacts) to carry around in Arizona since open carry is legal and I also have a license to carry concealed in this state.

It’s amazing how much California restricts carrying a firearm so much, yet right next door in Arizona, the citizens have so much more freedom.

Anyway, it’s not even 1600 hours yet, so I have plenty of time to rest up before the practice match tomorrow. Hopefully the wind starts to die down tonight. The winds were pretty hard and gusty on the drive down the 10 freeway all the way through to Phoenix.

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