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Apparently child kicked off plane for good reason

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There is a story garnering national attention about a woman and child who were kicked off a plane because of the child’s unruly behavior.

A flight attendant was uncomfortable with the child’s behavior and got into a discussion with the mother and asked to give Benadryl to the child in order to calm him down. The mother refused and eventually the attendant informed the pilot who diverted the plane back to the airport of origin so the mother and child could be removed from the plane.

The mother wrote a letter to the airline and the story was picked up by news agencies. The mother claimed that her child said “Bye bye plane” and that was the only reason the attendant wanted to kick them off the flight. From her story, you obviously side with the mother and child.

But do you really?

The mother and child appeared on the “Good Morning America” show this morning to be interviewed by Diane Sawyer and during the interview, the child became very unruly taking Sawyer’s notes off the table and even getting on top of the table. The child started to disturb the interview so much that the father had to take the child off camera.

I’m sure Diane Sawyer was looking to the camera crew, her eyes pleading for a bottle of Benadryl.

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