Veterans Day

Everyone should give thanks to all those who serve or have served in the United States Armed Forces. Our veteran men and women should be recognized and remembered for their service and sacrifice for their country and family.

More anti-gun propoganda in the media

I just checked a few minutes ago and it was hard to miss the headline story about how cops are in an arms race with criminals. The angle of the article is how law enforcement has to arm itself … Read More

More OS 10.5 Goodness

Spaces takes some getting used to, especially with two physical displays. But it can be very versatile when running some full screen applications like RDC and Parallels. Now if Apple would hurry up and fix X11. Some people have uninstalled … Read More

Microsoft releases RDC 2.0 Beta 2

Microsoft has a new beta of RDC 2.0 for Mac OS X available for download. The worthwhile feature they ‘fixed’ is the ability to run more than one RDC instance at a time. Microsoft advertised this as a feature in … Read More

Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) is awesome

I picked up a copy of OS 10.5 from the UCR Computer Store this morning and installed it on my Macbook. All I can say is that 10.5 is awesome. For one, the Stacks feature in the Dock is a … Read More

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