2014 SHOT Show Recap – Part 1

The New Year always starts off with a bang, not just because of fireworks, but because in January people flock to Las Vegas for SHOT Show, and 2014 is no exception. As like the previous five years, I took it … Read More

Quick Tip: Press Checks

The concept of a press check is now a common procedure in the deployment of a duty or defensive firearm, specifically during an Administrative Reload. In the case of a semi-auto/automatic firearm, a round is manually loaded into the chamber … Read More

Quick Tip: Administrative Reloads

Administrative reloads (aka admin reloads) have become a universally taught practice across all dynamic shooting courses. The admin reload is basically when you (re)load your unloaded service/duty firearm to prepare it for use. This pretty much involves the following core … Read More

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