Recent Pistol Drill Videos

Just an FYI: In the past several weeks, I have been posting an occasional pistol drill video on my Youtube channel. Just some example draw from holster work on a Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II shot timer.

Raven Concealment Systems Phantom LC Holster Review

I have been investing more time, effort, and finances to renew my marksmanship and ‘weapons-craft’ endeavors through the discipline of action or dynamic pistol. Most of the time I conduct live fire practice and exercises in outdoor, open air pistol … Read More

Lesson of the Day: Bullets and Ammunition are not the same

The term ‘bullet’ is constantly misused in the discussion of firearms, not just amongst the uneducated media but also (disturbingly enough) among avid shooters. Frankly, it annoys me when ‘bullets’ is used to refer to ‘ammunition’ or ‘ammo’. Bullets are … Read More

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